Start Here

In 5 Minutes You Can Learn the Most Fundamental Elements of Running Your Business

  1. Go to your website, login with Facebook or Instagram (however you signed up). Locate your back office by clicking "My Account" or the three lines on the top left. Spend a minute looking and clicking around to familiarize yourself. If you don't see your picture on the top left corner of your page, go to My Profile to link a photo.

  2. You can go to My Royalties to see your sales, click to see your orders and to check your progress for status advancements. My Royalties also lists your sponsor and up line elite.  These two people are your primary source for help, guidance and training as you build your business.

  3. Dashboard will show you current incentives, promotions and have links to announcements form corporate.

  4. Younique is in multiple markets.  You may sell to or sponsor anyone in these markets.  Their corresponding shipping and presenter kit rates are:
    United States: Kit: $99
    Orders $0 - $100 = $5.50
    Orders above $100 = Free
    Canada: Kit: $119
    Orders under $130 = $6.50
    Orders $130 or above = Free
    Australia: Kit: 129
    Orders under $150 = $10
    Orders $150 or above = Free
    New Zealand: Kit: $129
    Orders under $150 = $10
    Orders $150 or above = Free
    United Kingdom: Kit: £69
    Orders under £75 = £4.95
    Orders £75 or above = Free
    Mexico: Kit: $1,725
    Orders $1 - $2,499 = $75
    Orders $2,500 or above = Free
    Germany: Kit: 107€
    Orders under 110 € = 4.95 €
    Orders 110 € or above = Free
    France: Kit: 107€
    Orders under 110 € = 4.95 €
    Orders 110 € or above = Free
    Spain: Kit: 107€
    Orders under 110 € = 5.95 €
    Orders 110 € or above = Free
    Hong Kong: Kit $775
    Orders under $800 = $25
    Orders $800 or above = Free
    Italy: Kit: 107€
    Orders under 110 € = 4.95 €
    Orders 110 € or above = Free
    Ireland: Kit: 107€
    Orders under 110 € = 4.95 €
    Orders 110 € or above = Free
    Portugal: Kit: 107€
    Orders under 110 € = 4.95 €
    Orders 110 € or above = Free

  5. Sponsoring is key to growing your long term income and allowing you to promote within the company. Just because you are new does not mean you should not sponsor. Between this getting started guide and help from your up line, you have all of the tools you need. 

  6. From your back office go to Quick Links and then to My Parties. Select Schedule a New Party and make yourself the hostess. This allows you to earn both Y cash and commission on orders. You are now ready to share your business with the world! When ready you will go to the Launch Party Script page on this website and begin your first virtual party.

  7. Presenters get paid every three hours for all commissionable sales that you make through a company called Payquicker.  When you place your first order or make your first sale you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your account. US presenters will receive a Purple Debit card once they earn $50 in commissions.  If you use Y cash, only the portion of the order remaining after Y cash credit is commissionable.

  8. New presenters have 30 days to order a Booster Bundle from their website. Go to your individual website, click on collections and then select the Booster Bundle. This allows you to order 4 of our most popular products at a major discount. As long as you go through your party link or attach this order to an open party at check out you can earn hostess rewards and 20% commission on this first order.  In the US, add one item to your cart to get free shipping.

  9. When sharing your business, don't be spammy.  Don't sound like an ad.  Simply share what you love! Show your enthusiasm and excitement about the products and the opportunity to earn money. Your up line should have access to a training group where you can learn more in depth information about how to do this. Also ask your Elite up line who your Black Status Up Line is and ask to be added to that training group.  Black Status is the highest status in our company and each of those leaders provides ongoing training on Facebook.

  10. Once you have started your first party and read through this list, go back and watch the trainings in your back office.  There is a wealth of information and guidance available to you but the most important thing to remember is to just start.  You don't have to know everything to begin. With the support of your leaders and corporate, you can learn as you go.