Party Posts: Day 1

Post approximately three times a day in your online party.


Post 1

Guaranteed Success

A written welcome post, not too long, about who you are and what this class will be about, along with a picture or collage. (Example pics posted below.)
Meri Lutz - This is my intro post.. "Hi!! My name is Meri Lutz and I am an Elite Orange Status Presenter with Younique. What does that mean? Well we have over 1,100,000 Presenters throughout the world and I am in the Top 1% of that huge number. I also lead a Team of nearly 600 amazing woman (in multiple countries) whose lives are forever changed because of this journey. So basically I am trying to tell you that this is my career, not a hobby, not something I dabble in, but something I am passionate about. I am Younique... I am also a Mom to these 3 littles. It's only fair that I let you take a little peek at my personal life since you will be seeing so much of my professional life over the next 7 days.. Not gonna lie... Momming is hard, makeup is easy.
This is going to be a super fun 7 day Confidence Academy. So sit back and enjoy the next 7 days. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either myself or your amazing friend Brook. You will find her shopping link in the comments of all of our posts."

Karlee Prins - "Good evening ladies!! Welcome to Stef’s Beauty Bar!! I have some fun things planned for you all this week.... But first I wanted to just tell you a bit about myself, as there's people in here that I do not know 😊 I’m a busy mom of 4 and LOVE London Fogs and the occasional glass of white wine- Did I mention I have 4 kids 😜

Your perspective of me might be deceiving when all you see is me done up with makeup, but don't be fooled! I look like a hot mess the vast majority of time... I love my big frumpy sweats as much as anyone else! I use dry shampoo like it’s on tap just to save me time from actually doing my hair. And through all of the chaos that this life brings, I run a success online business with hundreds of other ladies by my side! I love that I can help build confidence and empower other women to do the same! 

So grab a cup of coffee, tea, wine, or whatever will suit your fancy, relax, and join me this week as we explore some things that have helped me go from looking nearly homeless to almost having it all together!! 😉 I’m going to show you all some fab tips to getting your best lashes, and some tricks to get you out the door quick! Let’s face it, we are all busy, and sometimes it just takes a few little extras to make all the difference in how confident we feel! Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like they can conquer the day?!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ So stay tuned... check in when it works, and feel free to ask questions!!! I’m more than willing to help!

‘See’ you ladies soon!" 😜


Post a lash photo!  
Use a caption like, "I will be demonstrating this bad boy today!" - Jackie Lawrence

Molly Bye combines the lash pic with her intro! 

"I have a few options...I personalize to feel out my hostess.

👉1)I have an intro video explaining what the group is about
👉2) I have them post and introduce me:

"Hey Friends and family! I am so pumped to have you all in here! Thanks for joining us! My long time friend Molly me hooked....and now I'm sharing this newfound love with all of you!! She is going to be sharing some wonderful tips and tricks in the beauty world along with amazing products that I've gotten to play with! (P.S. they are known for their you must check it out!) Get ready to learn some great tips, tricks, and fresh beauty ideas for the months ahead! We will also have the option also to get our hands on some of the most popular cosmetic on the market today!!!! This all takes place right here so make sure you have you're notifications on and let's SUMMER proof our Beauty Bags!" Love, Rachel

Below is my personal beauty link! Feel free to snoop around!


Day 1: Post 2

Rewarding Results

Talk about Younique...

I do a written and video version of housekeeping stuff for those that don’t have the patience to watch a video. Keep in mind my parties usually go the full 10 days so I usually take the first day for Younique info, introductions and earning first raffle points. If we are doing 7 days people may just need to get right in to it... 🤷‍♀️

Hi all! In case you missed my quick video this morning - Here is some quick HOUSEKEEPING items! 
💄Younique has a LOVE IT GUARANTEE! If you don't LOVE what you buy you can return it or exchange it!! Try any of our products.. risk free!! 
💄Order any time during the beauty class and your items will ship right away!
💄 FREE SHIPPING $100 or more! 
💄All of our products are PARABEN FREE... we also have many gluten free options as well! We do not test on animals
💄Our mission is to Uplift, Empower and Validate women! Our company was founded to help fund a healing retreat for victims of childhood sexual abuse. Upon checkout you will see an option to round up to the nearest dollar to donate. Thank you for your support of this amazing foundation 💜- Aimee Audet Alley

- Post about your favorite product! 

"I get asked a lot of questions about our mascara so I'm going to give it to you straight!!
• It is hypoallergenic 
• It removes EASILY 
• It is not tested on animals! 
• It does NOT damage your lashes
• It WILL make your girlfriends envious of your lashes 😜" - Jackie Lawrence


"Nothing like kicking the week off with banging lashes 😍😍😍 Gosh I can’t get enough of this EPIC!!! 2 coats and BOOM....What a difference!
If you use Epic shout it out below!!! Curious who uses it or wishes they did 🤣🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

*Both of these mascaras are the same price 🧐 - Ashley Nadler


Day 1: Post 3

Exceptional Progress

Post about Epic Mascara! 

"Ok....if there is one must have product above all else, it would be my #1 BEST SELLER: EPIC MASCARA. 

*Curls, lifts, separates and increases volume by 244% with just one coat!!

You have to try it!!! Comes in Black, Brown and Black Waterproof." - Jackie Lawrence


"My lashes without mascara are pretty much non-existent! THANK GOODNESS for EPIC!!!!!!" - Leigh Lemoine 


Make sure to stay involved! Answer questions and comments!

You are doing great!