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Get to Pink-Why This Should be Your Focus for the Next 60 Days

Congratulations on becoming a Younique Presenter! We are so excited to help you reach your goals by building your own business.

The core building status of Younique is Pink Status. When you sign up as a new presenter you are White status and earn 20% commission on all of your personal retail sales (PRS). Once you sell 500 PRS you will advance to Yellow Status. Celebrate this promotion because you will now earn 25% commission on all of your Personal Retail Sales. Once you are Yellow Status you will never be paid as White again.

The next level in our compensation plan is Pink Status. Once you earn this status you will be recognized as Pink until you promote further. However to get paid at any status Pink or higher, you must meet the qualifications monthly.

So why does this matter to you? Most people who become Presenters do so with the desire to earn money. How much or how little you earn is completely up to you. Depending on your pay status you can earn 20-30% commission on your retail sales which is great, however one person can only sell so much in a month. In order to maximize your earning potential you must build a team where you can earn 3-6% commission on all of their sales. Over time and with some serious hustle, you can earn more than your full time job may pay you.

Pink Status is our core status so, your first goal in this business should be to promote to Pink. From there you want to help build members of your team do the same, over and over again. By helping others to reach this first step you will also promote first to Blue, then later to Green and higher. As your team grows and you promote, your earning potential will increase. You may not see the results of your efforts immediately but as you build over time, your team and income can grow exponentially.

Growth loves speed. Start working to build your team today! You don't have to know everything to start but you do have to start to know everything.

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