• Nichole Smith, BS2

The Basics of Sponsoring

Here are different techniques behind sponsoring- find what works for you. Be sure to always keep in mind WHY you are sponsoring and remember that you are helping others by offering the opportunity. You have the ability and tools to change lives! Don't let sponsoring bescary make it fun and make it about helping others! 

Eric Worre coaches to sponsor in batches. He suggests to make a big push to sponsor a large amount of new presenters in bursts throughout the year. Ideally, that is what you should do however don't let that stop you from working to sponsor from Day 1. We currently have amazing sponsoring training in our back office under training-> then Onboarding -> and onto Eric's Sponsor 20 people in 30 days videos. After you have started your first party, watch these trainings. Then, get to work!

Remember not be spammy and salesy, instead focus on the aspects of the business that were attractive to you. Similarly, find people's pain points. Find out what they aren't happy with about their life and show them how Younique can solve it. Never enough time to do the things they love? Younique can provide time freedom by allowing people to work on their own schedules. Not enough money to be able to afford things they want or need? You can earn money by selling Younique Products and Building a team. Feeling lonely and unfulfilled? Join our sisterhood of powerful and uplifting women to learn how to meet your potential, contribute to your family's finances and achieve recognition for your promotions and achievements.

Remember not to "word vomit" and share everything about the company in one crazy sentence. Get your prospects asking questions and be sure to ask them questions in return.

Here are some sponsoring tips to get you started:

-Voice messages- Have you tried the voice message feature on fb private messaging? This feature is simple and easy to use. It can make your message more personal and you can show your passion through your voice. Be excited! Be confident! -Sponsoring is the most important thing for you to do! Branding is the biggest part of sponsoring, so just let your fb wall do it’s job! Show that you LOVE the products and Love your job. Be consistent in your posting. Post two personal for every one business post. Here some some ideas to post about: your lifestyle, kids, quotes, entertainment, recipes, funnies, anything that you would find yourself commenting on. Then be sure and post products and videos of products on your personal wall. Stay away from controversial topics, politics or negativity. -Have a WHY NOT attitude about sponsoring. You are sharing something too good to be true. Believe it! Believe in yourself! Don’t doubt yourself or the opportunity or they will see that. Show them your passion!!! Why wouldn’t they want to join? ! -Not everyone joins for the same reason. Some want/need money, some want friendship, some want something to do with their time, some want to save money, etc. Before offering the opportunity, try to figure out what that person wants (their pain points) to make the offer something they would really want to consider. If you don’t know, check out their fb wall and see if you can get some insight into their needs. Remember: Keep is short, simple, and make it good for them. Happy Sponsoring! -USE PERFORMANCE WORDS! Stop ASKING. "You need to do this with me!"  "You would be great at this!"  "We would have a blast doing this together!"  "I'm so happy having so much fun with this! I just need to tell you about it!"  "Have you ever found something you just can't keep to yourself and want to let every girl know about?"  "It's just good girl karma to share this!”  "You always look fabulous. You need to know about this...."  OK, so who is ready to STOP the ASKING and START the TELLING! See the difference? One is weak! The other is STRONG! One is desperate. The other is CONFIDENCE! Don't be desperate or creepy!! Be AMAZINGLY CONFIDENT! It's JUST MASCARA! It's makeup! Believe in what you are doing! Believe in YOU! I do! Exude PASSION! Passion is contagious! Read, memorize, plagiarize the above...and SOAR! -Remember: People buy YOU, because it’s you! They respect your authenticity. They see your consistency. They are impressed with your way of sharing. No need to be perfect. Just relax and be you. Be relatable to your customers and potentials. You want them to be able to see themselves doing what you do. If you are too perfect they might be too scared to try. -Make offering the opportunity the top of your task list. Do not let yourself do X until you have messaged --- # people. Then do the other tasks on your list. We aren’t going to grow our business without putting in the work. Don’t procrastinate. Prioritize!  “Sponsoring is not only a gateway skill…It’s the paycheck skill! –Bri Richardson BS2 -Feel funny jumping in with the opportunity in some instances’? I do too. Start a genuine conversation with them. How? Compliment them or comment on something on their wall (or that is going on in their life). Also, always end with a question. It helps keep the conversation going. Next, I may even ask if they have tried the products, offer them samples, or let them know that I am happy to help them. Depending on their response continue the conversation. It’s ok to make them a customer first. Let them fall in love with our products just like we did. -It’s ok to be scared of pushing the send button after writing that thoughtful opportunity message. I still get scared too. I don’t let that stop me. I do it scared! You just have to do it! Look at a picture of your why if you must. Which is more important to you now? Change your mind set. You are giving a gift to these beauties. There is really nothing to be scared of.

-Have you messaged every single person who has ever bought from you and offered them this amazing opportunity? A discount on their products? Have you messages everyone on your friends list? Yes, even guys have girlfriends and moms that may need the opportunity. Have you messaged every single person who has ever been in one of your parties? If you said yes to all of these, then you need to be having more parties and adding more friends to your fb. Our business is about making friends and building relationships. -Mindset… One of the things I hear a lot is people keep telling me no, they don't have enough money, or they don't respond to my messages. A couple of things you can do. Send your elite or sponsor what you are sending them and ask if they have any ideas to tweak it. The next thing you can do is focus on the actions not the results. Emotionally separate yourself from the result but celebrate the ACTION. -Think of sponsoring the same as our sharing not selling mentality. Share what you love about your job. Show your friends how easy it is, tell them what it adds to your life, express how it makes you feel, let them know what you can do while working from your phone, brag on the things you don’t have to miss out on, etc. Simply share how awesome it is!!! Think of sponsoring in this way and take the pressure off of yourself. This will make it a lot less scary. Share away! We have the best job in the world!

-Remember, you will average 19 "no's" for every 1 yes. Do not get discouraged or give up simply because someone does not want what you are offering. "

Pink Status is the Building Block to our compensation plan but you cannot advance to pink status or higher without sponsoring.

No" does not mean "no" forever, just not right now. You can then ask that person if they would be willing to host a party for you. People don't like saying "no" a lot so they will likely say yes. :)


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