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Getting to Pink

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Once you have a team it's time to start creating a Business Map!!

Since you need 2000 CWS to reach pink status, you need to know EXACTLY where that volume is going to come from. It's not going to come from getting lucky or crossing fingers and hoping it will happen.

1) TALK with your team. A great leader COMMUNICATES with their team. Ask questions. Know their goals. You need to know exactly what their plans are for the month.... not just their sales goals, but the actions that are going to do to make it happen.

2) WRITE OUT YOUR PLAN. See the example below:

ME - 1000 PRS

Stacey - 200 PRS

Cara - 500 PRS (

Tiffany - 29 PRS (hobbyist)

Jessica - 937 PRS (she has 5 parties booked)

Anna - 0 PRS (she's taking a break)

= 2666 PRS

To find the CWS, take 2666 * .75 = 2000 CWS

Requirements to get to pink:

* 250 PRS (personal retail sales).

This is the amount you need to sell in one CALENDAR month

* 1 Qualified Presenter

(Someone you've personally sponsored that sells 125 PRS in one CALENDAR month)

* 2000 CWS (company wholesale)

This is the amount your entire team needs to sell. This includes YOUR sales.

This is the WHOLESALE amount. That is 75% of retail.

Put together a PLAN!

NOTHING happens without a plan. No promotions happen by accident. You MUST create a plan. Create a plan for your PERSONAL BUSINESS and a plan for your TEAM BUSINESS. Your goal should center around hitting pink in THIRTY DAYS. Whether you are white status OR yellow status, have sponsored 0 presenters or 4 presenters, you can hit pink status!


While the minimum for sales is 250 PRS, realistically to hit pink status, you want to aim for 500 - 1000 PRS. I'm a FIRM believer that while you need a team to promote, you never want to leave your promotion solely in the hands of your team. You need to ensure that your sales are the majority of your team sales. Decide on a specific PRS goal and divide it up by the weeks. For example, if you want to reach 1000 PRS by the end of the month, you need to have 250 PRS by the end of the first week.

Next, decide WHAT sales activities will make up your month. My average online party sales are 200 PRS. Some parties are busts - but that is my average between great parties and terrible parties. So - if I want to have 1000 PRS I need to have at least 5 parties.

Parties, while recommended, are NOT the only way to sell.

Check out these SALES TIPS.

** Important!! Tell your sponsor & upline elite what your plans are so they can cheer you on and help as needed

:) **

Here are the requirements for each status. To hit pink or higher to must reach them every month. You will start back at Yellow on the 1st of the month.



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