Launch Party Script

Gain Confidence By Starting Your First Party Now

Watch this video by Lindsey Thompson then read this training on party basics from Black Status leader, Leslie Lauten Williams! 

Are you nervous to book a party because you do not know what to POST?
Here's the EASY way to construct a party template so you are never afraid to book!

1. Decide the Theme
2. Decide the Length
3. Decide what Products to feature
4. Take your pictures and record any needed videos (unless your videos will be LIVE)
5. Map out the sequence of posts
6. Put all content into a FB Group for yourself

Let's break each section down!

1. Decide the Theme!

Each party should have a theme! It can be broad or narrow. Some examples are:

💥Epic Lashes 
💥Fall Makeup Bag Makeover 
💥5 Minute Face
💥Eye Shadow 101
💥Highlight and Contour like a Pro 
💥Spring into Spring Makeup 
💥Skin Care Basics

You get the idea. After you choose a theme.....

2. Decide the Length!
Your party length will be based on the theme. If the theme is more broad, you may need to have a longer party. If it is more narrow, you can have a shorter party!
Using our examples above here are my suggested party lengths:

💥Epic Lashes - 30 minute Party
💥Fall Makeup Bag Makeover - 3 - 5 Days
💥5 Minute Face - 1 hour
💥Eye Shadow 101 - 30 minutes or 1 hour
💥Highlight and Contour like a Pro - 30 minutes or 1 hour
💥Spring into Spring Makeup - 3-5 days
💥Skin Care Basics - 2 days
Of course, you can decide the length based on what you want to cover - this just gives you a starting place!

3. Decide what products to feature!

You do not need to show our entire catalogue! That is CONFUSING! Choose a few products to feature!
Using our examples above here are some suggested featured products:

💥Epic Lashes - Epic Mascara and Cleansing Stick 
💥Fall Makeup Bag Makeover - Primer, Liquid Foundation and Brush, Bronzer, Epic, Splurge, Brow Palette and brush, Splash Liquid Lipstick - choose FALL COLORS to show!
💥5 Minute Face - BB Cream, Bronzer, Epic, Lip Gloss, Brow Liner 
💥Eye Shadow 101 - Quad Palette and Deluxe Brush, Blending Brush and Crease Brush, Pencil Eye Liner, Epic
💥Highlight and Contour like a Pro - Bronzer, Luminizer, Contour Brush, Fan Brush 
💥Spring into Spring Makeup - BB Cream, Blush, Lipstick, Addiction Palette #3, Epic - choose SPRING COLORS to show
💥Skin Care Basics - Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer for Day/Night. Then pick 2 treatments to highlight - Uplift and Detox mask

4. Take your pictures! 

Put the makeup on and take pictures! They want to see YOU, not me, and not the catalogue models.
Create any graphics that you need. I use Canva. You can use WordSwag or Canva or any app that you like!

💥Don't forget to record a Welcome Video! Keep it generic so you can use it in every party with that theme!!!
💥Don't forget to record a Thank You Video! Ask them to comment below if they want to host their own party!
💥Don't forget the Opportunity Graphic!!!!! Again, this is a picture of YOU being amazing! Not the picture of the kit!
If you are using pre recorded videos get those made.

5. Map out the sequence of posts. 

Write down what you will say! And what picture or video will go with that post. If you have them all ready, you will not be rushing! If you are doing a full face, have the party go in the progression of the application. Face, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips.....
In a 2-5 days party - aim for 3 posts a day. 
In an hour or 30 minute party just cover what you need to cover! Space posts out every 7-8 minutes, so you do not annoy Facebook!

💥Don't forget the Welcome Video and Thank You video!
And make sure you have an OPPORTUNITY POST at the end of EVERY party!!!!!! Again, this is a picture of YOU being amazing! Not the picture of the kit!