Get to Pink-Why This Should be Your Focus for the Next 60 Days

Congratulations on becoming a Younique Presenter! We are so excited to help you reach your goals by building your own business. The core building status of Younique is Pink Status. When you sign up as a new presenter you are White status and earn 20% commission on all of your personal retail sales (PRS). Once you sell 500 PRS you will advance to Yellow Status. Celebrate this promotion because you will now earn 25% commission on all of your Personal Retail Sales. Once you are

Getting to Pink

Once you have a team it's time to start creating a Business Map!! Since you need 2000 CWS to reach pink status, you need to know EXACTLY where that volume is going to come from. It's not going to come from getting lucky or crossing fingers and hoping it will happen. 1) TALK with your team. A great leader COMMUNICATES with their team. Ask questions. Know their goals. You need to know exactly what their plans are for the month.... not just their sales goals, but the actions tha