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Day 8

Posts 1-3

**THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES!! Let your party people know that there are only 3 full days left to order! Party closes at MIDNIGHT PT on the 10th day!** 

Today you're going to decide for yourself, what you want to do for each of your 3 posts?  🤔

It's YOUR party, they are YOUR new customers, so decide what posts have worked best in the past 7 days? Which ones have the most likes or comments? Which ones inspired more interest? Which ones do YOU have the most fun with? 

You've been running this party for a solid week so you are ready to make the decisions for yourself!! Go back through the last 7 days of posts in this group and choose one for your Post 1, one for your Post 2 and one for Post 3! 

Create your own combinations, focusing on either the lashes, the flawless 4 or the kudos. Whatever you are the most excited about because enthusiasm sells!🤩

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Day 9: Focus on the Opportunity

Posts 1-3

**ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO ORDER!! Tell your customers that the party closes on x day at MIDNIGHT PT!!**

Similar to yesterday's posts, you get to choose a post based on how your party is progressing and on what has been working the best! 

One of the 3 posts today should talk about the opportunity! This is a very important topic and one that I feel passionately about! I CANNOT IMAGINE what my life would look like if I hadn't been told about Younique!! Remember, it is your job to let women know that this opportunity exists, THAT'S IT!! Your obligation ends there! When you tell someone about the opportunity, you get a gold star! YOU WIN! It's done! It's THEIR responsibility to decide if it's right for them or not! 

Below are some things that your leaders share in their parties. They talk about what this business has done for them and they extend the invitation! If you are new, talk about how excited you are to work from home, be your own boss, set your own hours, or whatever it is about this business that you love! YOU DO NOT have to be Black Status to be able to sponsor! I sponsored most of the people on my team before I even hit Black! Invite them to join you on the journey! 

#Day9 #Sponsoring


When I started my business, I didn’t have high hopes that I would be successful, but I knew I wanted to try. I was totally in awe of the amazing vacations ☀️🏝 that my sponsor was earning and wanted to earn them SO badly!!! What I didn’t realize, was how SIMPLE it would truly be. 

1️⃣- get my kit 
2️⃣- play in makeup 
3️⃣- earn all expenses paid to paradise. 

Now don’t get me wrong, it was work and I worked very hard... but our company has made it SO incredibly SIMPLE!!!! The amount of tools they give us to be successful is truly astounding. I honestly wonder how they can be SO incredible to us because they give us SO much. They truly have a heart of gold and proudly serve us!!! 

Like right now for example? When you join, you get a starter kit of full size products for under 💯 that has💲300 in free makeup, a 🤳🏼 selfie trunk & a 💲200+ cash bonus... AND the opportunity to earn a $250 car 🚗bonus even as a NEW presenter!! 

The last 3 years have been absolutely incredible. I never thought I would be able to accomplish what I have. But the support system is so real. The friends you’ll make are truly for life. And the abundance of support and tools our corporate office gives us.... is one of a kind. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, and 3. 💜 Just say TEAM⤵️ for a short video I made with more info 💕


You may have heard me say we are SO much more than makeup. Not only did this business lift me out of severe post partum anxiety and depression, but I watched hundreds of women find their confidence again, something for them and find fulfillment that was missing. This company aligns with every value I have and aligns with my mission to help women feel more beautiful in their own skin. I live to make every woman see that a beautiful woman is more than skin deep... a beautiful woman is a confident one. I wanted to share some of my beautiful friends and customers who have found beauty and confidence with our products


I showed y'all the amazing $99 presenter kit this afternoon so I wanted to break down the kit details! The main thing you need to know? ZERO. 
🚫This is how much money I make off of your presenters kit/you joining. 
🚫This is how many auto-shipments and loyal customers you have to have every month. 
🚫This is how much your website costs.
🚫This is how much you will spend on penalties.
🚫This is the amount of obligations, monthly quotas, and fees you will have. 
🚫This is how much inventory you have to carry.
🚫 This is how much money you will make if you don't give it a shot. 

Try and fail, but don't fail to try. #doitscared #teamLASHley


Thank you so much Stefanie and Friends for allowing me to be apart of you lives this last week! I really appreciate it!! 

I hear it all the time... ‘I can’t do what you do’!!!! And I’m hear to tell you all that YES, yes you can!! Anyone can! If you knew me before this journey you would see a completely different person than the one that’s in front of you today! I didn’t think I could do this either!! Little did I know this side gig would change my life completely and I’m here to help change other people’s lives too! If that means helping someone pay for their kids sports or nails every month, or full on pay their bills, then that’s exactly what I do! 

If you or someone you know is wanting to make some extra cash, who may or may not love makeup (you can learn 😉), or that wants to be apart of a community of women lifting eachother up, I’d love to chat and share my story!! Plus who wouldn’t want $400 worth of makeup for only $119 (and free shipping) 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! 
If you’d like more info comment ME below, or simply visit ____________ (insert website)


When I discovered this mascara I thought...."Crap, I need that!" So I bought it😜😜 My close friends soon fell in love with it too, along with HUNDEREDS of women that I have now shared it with. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to become a presenter, but I decided to take a LEAP of faith. Mascara hasn't changed my life...my leap of faith did. See these women I this picture with me? They ALL took that leap! And on the other side magic things happened to us. This opportunity is for ANYONE AND EVERYONE!


Day 10

Party 1: Complete!

**SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS and make sure your customers know that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!!** 

Today you will once again choose your 3 posts for the day! Choose 2 product posts and 1 CUSTOMER THANK YOU! Search the hashtag #thankyou for the post I did a few days ago that contains some great ideas! 

Today you are closing out your party, letting them know that midnight PT is their last chance to shop from Sally's party link! It's also the time where you invite them to join your VIP group (the place where you did your initial launch party and where you keep your customers so you can inform them of kudos, specials and new products!) 


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