Day 5 Posts

Time to talk about a few other products. Chose 3 posts to share throughout the day.

Today is foundation day!!!!! I ALWAYS start my day by putting on a smile!!!! 

Get ready to be "wowed" today as you see what the best foundation ever does for my (and others) skin!!!


Holler!!! Who needs brow help? 
I did so badly and let me tell you, I will NEVER be without these babies!
I'm talking the best brow practices! 

🙀Mine used to be overplucked and sparse and looked awful. Thank goodness I was taught how to shape and define my brows. 👩🏻‍🏫Today I'm going to teach you!!


Most ladies who wear makeup opt for what I call the basics: Foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and something on their lips. I’m here today to remind you not to forget about the extras!


Having amazing lashes is one of my biggest hacks... but there’s nothing that beats a good Base Face!!!! 😍😍😍

Something so quick and easy can make all the difference!!! 

TWO Must Haves for your makeup bag for a flawless face!!

Glorious Primer and Touch Liquid Foundation!!!


🙌🏼This will be your secret weapon to amazing brows! 
Five products in one mirrored compact: 
*light and dark sculpting powders
*matte and shimmer highlighters
,*wax to keep your brows set


I’ve had a few ladies send me messages tonight as they were curious how they could order... just so everyone knows Connie has her own Exclusive Shopping Link for this class. If you see anything you’d like or even just to browse, click the link below—-> then Shop! 😍😍😍

(Insert Link)


Who is up for a money💰 and time⏰ saving tip?! You can use our beach front bronzer on your eyes, as your contour AND your lips!! Check out the tutorial I posted earlier for an easy how to contour!! 😍


Let me show you exactly what our liquid foundation can do for you!!! It’s AMAZING!!!! 

And the primer is also a MUST!! (Leigh will post a video in the comments) 


How do you brow?

😍Brow Obsession Palette & Brow Artist Brush make it easy:


I wanted to pop in with a quick little tip for you all! When applying concealer you want to make sure you create a triangle of light, so by pulling it down farther you’ll create a brighter looking eye, instead of the usual half moon shape we all assume to do! Blend with a sponge or blending bud and you’ll be set! (I’ll show you how in my videos so stay tuned!)

Try it next time you apply concealer and let me know what you think!


After having my babies, I experienced horrible post partum anxiety. I wasn't myself and I felt at an all time low. This makeup didn't cover up something ugly, it made me feel confident! Confidence is the thing I lacked the most. Being able to give myself a little confidence boost with our chemical free makeup was the boost I needed to motivate myself again 💜 I'm so excited to share with you girls about our amazing coverage!!! Just say CONFIDENCE ⤵️ for a free color match!


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