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It’s safe to say you will have lashes for days! Safe for contacts, hypoallergenic, and ophthalmologist approved! 
Caution: you won't be able to stop looking at your lashes💥
Epic Mascara is a one step mascara (one tube) that is the! - Erin Harding 


Now let’s move onto EPIC, MY FAVORITE MASCARA!!! 

OMG!! Seriously y'all!! This mascara is NO JOKE!!!! 

EPIC is not even a big enough word to describe how amazing this new mascara is!! 

It lengthens, volumizes, separates and are you ready....CURLS your lashes?!!! 

I have never seen a one step mascara do this!! 

I may not be a makeup artist, but I am a mascara lover and this new mascara is INCREDIBLE!!!!! - Leigh Lemoine


I actually do 4 posts a day because one is always inspiration or self love. I’ll include those as well on my post ones:

Good morning my beautiful new friends! 💜

This morning I want to chat about the most important person in your life....YOU!! 

I hope you know how beautiful you are!! If you don't, why not? You need to take the time to get to know yourself. Beauty comes from within. If you have a good heart and a kind soul, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Have you ever seen someone for the first time and thought they were gorgeous? And then over time their beauty seems to fade? I bet almost anything it's because you got to know who they were and maybe they weren't very kind. 

The same works the other way. Maybe you met someone and their looks didn't grab your attention but as you got to know him/her they were an amazing person and now you look at them as one of the most beautiful people you know!!! 

I’ll say it again, BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN!!! Once you realize how incredible you are and allow yourself to shine, you will radiate and your confidence will skyrocket!!! YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!!! 

I am surrounded by some of the most gorgeous women I've ever met in my life!!! YOU are now one of them!!! Realize your worth, realize your beauty and realize how amazing you are!!!! 

Take time out of your morning for you!!! Don't be afraid to love yourself and your beauty!!! You deserve it!!! 💜🖤 - Leigh Lemoine


Day 3

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The girl on the left👈
Full of self doubt, learning all it takes to be a first time mom, felt funny in her own skin, zero skin care or makeup routine and always tried to hide who she felt like she really was. 
The girl on the right👉
Confidence, a passion inside of her that she can't control, an uplifting ability to see the beauty in others before they can, and has learned that sometimes taking care of your skin and putting on a face can change your entire day, week, month or year. 

Step outside the box girl. That comfort zone will keep you "comfortable." But stepping out? That will be enlightening 😍 - Ashley Nadler 


A few fun facts 🤓
💜All our products abide by European Standards, which means safer, quality ingredients! The US only bans 11 chemicals from their cosmetics and skincare where as EU market bans 1300..... that’s a BIG difference!!! Safer products means happier skin!!

💜we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on ALL of our products! So you can try them RISK FREE!!! 

💜This company is a mission First company! Meaning they didn’t know what they were going to sell, they just knew they wanted to help empower women in a big way. From there Younique was born following these 3 words Uplift-Empower-Validate!

💜Y started a non profit organization called The Younique Foundation which funds the Haven Retreat. A place women who were sexually abused as a child can go for FREE to begin their journey to healing! Yup! It’s the whole reason this company exists... we are so much more than makeup! - Karlee Prins 


Do you see it?!?!
Do you see the EPIC difference?!Ok....Just checking! 🤗 - Molly Bye 


Seriously......THESE LASHES‼️‼️‼️
👐🏻It's the only DRAMA you need in your life! 
#stoptraffic #theychangedmylife

TOTALLY PUMPED DUO (Epic + 3D) is here: - Jackie Lawrence


Day 3

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STOP!!! You do not have to look all done up going to bed!! There's a reason that removing your makeup before bed is so important, and it's not just to keep sales of makeup remover on the up and up 😂. Your skin goes through its most important regenerative processes at night, shedding dead skin cells and cycling them out for new ones. Makeup impedes that natural exfoliation process, so your skin becomes increasingly duller over time. And if you're not taking off your makeup, chances are you don't have a nightly skin-care routine — which, depending on your skin type and concerns, might be one factor standing between you and great skin. So if you look like this when you go to bed... We need to talk. - Meri 


I post a video showing the white liner to open your eyes and tight lining and apply EPIC! - Leigh 


So what’s this Epic Mascara about anyways???..... (then I post a video or go live) - Karlee 


Who says you don’t have time for makeup 🤷‍♀️ I’m here to tell you that you can achieve a flawless face in MINUTES when you have the right tools! I present to you my 5 minute face! (Insert video) - Aimee 


🎤Alright stop
Collaborate and listen
I am back with another intention...

🎵Lash Lash Baby to go!!!

Epic + 3D - Jackie