Day 2 Posts

Day 2 Post 1

Pick 1 of the following suggested posts! Pics below are in order with the posts below...

"Place the brush at the root of your lashes and gently sweep up to tip. Repeat a 2nd time and VOILA instant lashes! Even on not so glamorous ponytail days 😂" - Meri Lutz


"Clump Free lashes every time! 😉 Epic Rocks!
Who’s excited to see this magic mascara? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

#Epic - Karlee Prins 


"📫You will be stalking the mailbox for your Waterproof Epic to arrive. It's THAT GOOD!!

Waterproof Epic Mascara: " - Jackie Lawrence 


"I discovered a magic wand that will change your lashes!!!
<party host's name> has discovered it too!! Check it out my old wand compared to the magic one!!!" - Molly Bye 


" Day 2 post 1, I really explain what the party is while I apply a quick full face (10 min pre-recorded video). I talk about how to order, where to find the link (because I only post it once at the beginning and pin it to the top. I feel like this avoids a salesy feel). I talk about the guarantee and the Younique Foundation." - Michelle Poulin 


"Life has a funny way of showing you things that it knows you need to see and hear. Less than two years ago I was in the process of finding myself. Finding out who I was outside of being a mom. Outside of being a military wife. And more than anything; WHO I wanted to be. 

My makeup skills were FAR from perfect. But I was trying and I was proud of everything I pulled off. My every day juggle of what I could accomplish during my day was a struggle. I constantly longed for more hours in a day. 

Do we see some growth? Do these pictures show the passion for happiness, passion to do better and passion flooding my heart? Because that’s exactly what I see and feel when I saw these. Side note? That makeup on the top that looks a bit whack? I had already earned a 🆓vacation for me and my hubby doing makeup just like that! No one needs to be perfect. In fact if you are; keep on walking. But if you are a woman ANYTHING like me who wishes and dreams to do better? You belong here. 💜👊" - Ashley Nadler






Day 2: Post 2

Choose 1 of the following sample posts for inspiration! 


"I'm so confident you will fall in ❤️with this mascara that I will refund you if you don't. In fact....go ahead and try it for a full 30 days!!" - Jackie Lawrence  


Try holding a mirror below your chin and use only your eyesballs to LOOK DOWN when applying your mascara! You can REALLY get down to the base of your lashes without marking on your lids!!" - Molly Bye 


"Who wouldn’t want lashes like this.... my friend Ashley is ROCKING her Epic!!! For all busy women, a good mascara is a MUST!!!" - Karlee Prins 



"I like big lashes and I cannot lie!!! Both of these mascara products, 3D Fiberlashes and Epic one step (comes in black, brown and black waterproof) can be purchased separately but here is my favorite discounted combo!!!" - Michelle Poulin (show the lash duo sets in pics or a video!) 


🛑 Girl Code Time 🛑

✋ That’s it! It’s time to break up with your old mascara! I KNOW I can’t be the only girl who hates clumpy mascara. Who has searched all over for a mascara that doesn’t pull my lashes out. ✋

🚫No fibers
🚫Not tested on animals
✅One step, that's it! 🌟
✅Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸
✅Safe for contact wearers🌻
✅Ophthalmologist tested and approved 👀
✅Lasts up to three months 👄
✅Washes off with warm water and cleanser 💧

All lash duos and trios are currently on sale at a discount, as well! 🎤 - Ashley Nadler. (post a pic or do a quick video or boomerang)


Day 2: Post 3

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Choose 1 of the following sample posts for inspiration!

"This is Elisha!! OMG #EpicMascara is what she said!!
One Step Mascara, NO Fibers, Just EPIC." - Jackie Lawrence 


"💣And the pics just keep coming!!!! This mascara IS the Bomb-diggity!!! 

Give it a try: 
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!" - Jackie Lawrence 


"Lash tip! Did you know that you can make your lashes appear thicker and fuller by applying a dark brown or black eyeliner to your upper lash line? Winning! 🙌🏻" - Aimee Alley


"You HAVE TO try this! 

Did you know your blow dryer can be used to curl your lashes?!!! YUP!! Crazy right?! But it works AMAZING!!! 
•put your mascara on the top lashes to the desired amount 
•Hold blow dryer down by your belly button and blow upwards. 
•Close your eyes and let it do it’s magic! 
•apply mascara to the bottom lashes
•BOOM!!!! 💥

This is my busy women hack I absolutely LOVE to get that extra pop for my lashes! Try it and let me know what you think! 

Comment LASHES below if you’re excited to see what this Epic Mascara is all about?! 😍😍😍" - Karlee Prins 


"✋Commitment issues?! 

Me too! When I found out that the foundation and mascara EVERYONE was using and ordering was ONLINE; I was SKEPTICAL and didn’t want to waste the little money I had at the time. 

What I didn’t know?! Was that I had 90 days to LOVE it or send it back. The day I found that out ; I placed my first order! 🤣🤣

Where’s all my commitment phobes at?! I GOT you BOO!" - Ashley Nadler