Hostess Coaching

An active hostess = a fun and profitable party for both of you!

The more involved your hostess is, the better your party will be! Many hostesses will enter the Witness Protection Program as soon as they've added their friends, and that's ok! It happens! Every once in a while you'll get an AMAZING hostess and it will really boost your party. (P.S. The BEST hostesses are the ones that you offer the opportunity to! "You are a natural! You realize you could be the one making commission instead of me, right?" More on sponsoring later!) 

One of the things I tell my hostesses is, "The most successful parties are the ones with a hostess who posts and interacts with her friends. I can give you the posts if you need ideas and you can even copy and paste them!" 


I get them to share a piccy of their stash if they already have some! - Bec Marciano 


I give this to my hostesses to post...

Happy Sunday ladies!!! I’m SO excited to get our makeup class going!!! 😍🙌🏼 lets kick this off with a little giveaway!!! FREE shipping is up for grabs 😘

What are ✌🏼 makeup products you wouldn’t leave the house without?!

^To make it, I took pictures of my makeup on my kitchen counter and used the WordSwag app!


I give this to my hostess to post...

"Hi friends! This is Shari and she's my Younique hook-up! I am IN LOVE with the Epic Mascara (or whatever she loves!) and Shari is always my go-to girl when I have makeup questions or just want to learn new things! 

Feel free to ask any questions in here, it's a private group so we are the only ones who see the posts! I'm excited to see what's new and learn some things!" 

(Then I ask her to post a selfie that reflects her personality to her friends. If she's a dog lover, hug your dog in the photo. If she's wild, take a wild pic of yourself that makes your friends laugh. Bottom line, be yourself and get your friends attention!)