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Party Prep:

Preparation Sets you Up For Success! You can save the pictures from the gallery above by right clicking. Download these and save them to a file on your computer for party images.

A helpful rule of thumb is to start all parties Monday. Then you can take the weekend to prepare and prepare your hostess (if this is not your self hosted launch party).

Party Basics! 

👊🏻The day before your party starts, get your group or even set up on Facebook. Find a great cover photo or create one using the WordSwag app! 

👊🏻Add your hostess to the group (FB won't allow you to start a new group unless at least 1 other person is in there with you), but don't invite anyone else until you have made the party look inviting! Think of it like your home, you want it to be nice and tidy before people show up for the party! 

"After she adds her people, I have the hostess welcome her guests and introduce me. I tell my hostesses they must do this before I will post because to the guests I’m just another lady on fb trying to sell something. I want her to tell her friends who I am and why she chose to host the bash." - Michelle Poulin 

👊🏻Create 2 - 3 posts before adding guests. 

One post introducing yourself, and a second one GIVING something of value before you begin ASKING for sales, the 3rd can be a teaser or agenda of what is to come! 

Some examples...

🎉1. "AMAZING lashes with the NEW Epic Mascara!! 
Can’t wait to show you ladies!😍" - Karlee Prins (pic below) 

🎉2. "Worried about ordering cosmetics online? Don’t! We want you to 💜 it. You have 90 days to fall in love with your goodies."- Meri Lutz (pic above) 

"I do a second pre-party post the night (around 7pm) before. I give them a quick tips and tricks video (usually a brow video) something that absolutely blows their mind. Something that makes them run to the bathroom to try themselves. Something that is a sure fire win. I do this because it instantly creates trust. I have given them a tool before I have even asked them to do something (purchase mascara). By giving before asking you break down a barrier and create trust!" - Meri Lutz 

🎉3. "The best thing about our company?! Its that we are a mission first company, which means our priority is spreading awareness and knowledge about childhood sexual abuse. (I know, it’s a HARD topic to think and speak about) 

The Younique Foundation is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts and being a mama myself I can’t help but speak out. 

1 in 4 little girls and 1 in 6 little boys will be sexually abused by age 18. This foundation which is a non-profit healing retreat that survivors can attend at no charge. Every order placed has the option to round your order up to the nearest dollar (or more if you choose!) and that goes directly to the foundation. #defendinnocence #nomore1in4" - Ashley Nadler (pic above) 

🎉4. " I introduce myself as a pre-party post:

Really quick...a little about me!

My name is Shauna and I’m a single mom to 3 kids - my oldest is a 20 year old out on his own, my middle guy is 10 and my little girl is 8. I’m a special needs momma bear, coffee is my love language, I’m always late, concealer is my best friend, and you can find me in old tee shirts most mornings with my hair up and no makeup trying to make sure my animals and kids don’t completely destroy my house.

I fiercely believe in the power of female friendships and authenticity. I use makeup as a tool to help me feel confident in my every day life. And I like teaching other women how to use it in the same way. I’m no different than you are. I have insecurities and set backs, too. Life is hard but at least we can have good girl friends and good makeup! So this is me!

Tell me about YOU!" - Shauna Quintero (pic above) 

🎉5. "🤗WELCOME to Jane Doe's MAKE-UP CLASS!


*Best tips for AMAZING LASHES
*BROWS: How to do them
*Flawless Foundation for smoother looking skin

**Content will be posted daily and will remain posted for the duration of class. Come and go as you please.
🤗Be sure to check in often!" - Jackie Lawrence


Online parties are an ART, not an exact science! Jump in, it's not as scary as you've made it out to be!  👻

REMEMBER, it is always best to host multiple parties at once, AT LEAST 3, but even more if you can! You will ALWAYS have party duds, and in fact, MOST will be duds. The more parties you have going at once the less likely chance that you'll become bored or frustrated. Parties are really more about managing YOURSELF and your emotions (fear, frustration, anxiety) than it is about the customer and the actual party. Put yourself in the customer's shoes, if you're in someone else's online party aren't you just curious to see what products they have to offer? You don't notice the details! SO PARTY ON, WAYNE!